Design and Build

the cutts method

Our design philosophy is rooted in the artistry of clean lines, performance and pleasure. We begin by understanding your desires and dreams and collaborating to meet them. After all, we’re not just building a boat, we’re building your legacy - and ours.


Designing & Building Yachts

Cutts Patented Method

State-of-the-art techniques, methods, and materials combined for a time saving and cost efficient, boat construction.


Designing & Building Yachts


There are many advantages to building using the Cutts Patentend Method. Compare the Advantages for yourself.


Designing & Building Yachts

Traditional Method

How does the Cutts Patented Method of construction compare to traditional methods of boat building? Click below to read the facts and judge for yourself.


Designing & Building Yachts

Wood vs Fiberglass

A Cutts-built boat is constructed with wood and engineered to eliminate leakage, decay and electrolysis using wood. How does it compare to fiberglass construction?


Designing & Building Yachts

Repair & Restoration

Cutts & Case Shipyard specializes in innovative ways to save and actually improve older boats.


Designing & Building Yachts

The Designer

Over a long and impressive career Edmund A. Cutts accrued an abundance of knowledge and experience that set him apart.